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Joint News Release - - Status of AUNBT UNB collective bargaining for full-time academic instructors and librarians

Author: Communications

Posted on Apr 20, 2010


The Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers and the University of New Brunswick continue talks to conclude a new collective agreement for UNB's 600 full-time academic employees. On April 19, the parties reached agreement on a number of outstanding issues, including the elimination of mandatory retirement. They have further agreed to continue negotiations on other matters in an attempt to reduce the remaining issues to be considered by a government-appointed Conciliation Board.

Any unresolved issues will be put before the Board in May, and the negotiating teams have agreed to recommend to their principals that the findings of the Conciliation Board be binding.

AUNBT's full-time academic instructors and librarians are one of two AUNBT bargaining groups currently negotiating with UNB for a new collective agreement. AUNBT's part-time academic employees represent nearly 550 contract academic instructors and librarians. The two groups negotiate as separate and distinct bargaining groups.

UNB and the AUNBT have agreed that any contact with the media will be by way of joint statements during the course of negotiations.


Dan Tanaka, Communications & Public Affairs Manager (506) 648-5697