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Reminder - Snow and Ice are here

Author: Andrew Feicht

Posted on Nov 26, 2019

Category: News and Notices

Winter arrives every year and creates slippery conditions for both walking and driving. While UNB endeavors to keep the campus as safe as possible, the following are some winter safety tips that we can all use to make walking and driving around our campus safer for each of us.

When on foot – One of the most important factors in keeping safe through the winter months is seasonally appropriate clothing and, in particular, footwear. Your primary points of contact with the ground should be your feet, and proper winter footwear can play a critical role in keeping you upright this winter. Warm clothing and a proper coat will help keep you warm as you travel around campus; keeping you from being in a hurry and rushing over slick surfaces.

Please immediately share information of slippery locations with coworkers and fellow students and, just as importantly, Facilities Management (453‐4889, If kept informed of problem areas, staff will address issues promptly. If you do have the misfortune of a fall, please submit an accident report when you can (within 24 hours,, and phone Security for assistance if required (453‐4830). Finally, while walking (and parking a vehicle), please pay attention to building roof lines and edges; snow and ice can at times fall from heights with great force.

When in a vehicle – It often takes years of experience to begin to understand what driving on snow and ice means, and the tactics that can be employed to mitigate the effects. Luckily, easy and effective first lessons are to slow down and provide lots of space between you and everyone else. Also, if you do bring a vehicle to campus, please ensure you understand the rules established to allow proper snow clearing operations. Students and those parking for extended periods of time should ensure their vehicle is moved periodically to prevent slippery patches and visibility concerns from developing.

If you do fall or are otherwise injured – you must complete a UNB Accident Report Form within 24 hours, and, if treatment is required (first aid inclusive or more) notify Security immediately at 453‐4830.

UNB Online Accident Report –‐report/

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