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Kinesiology Graduate Colloquium with MBA SRM students Khevyn Gormley, Grant Frey and Micah Hesman

Author: Leslie Harquail

Posted on Nov 20, 2019

Category: News and Notices

You're invited to the Kinesiology Graduate Colloquium on Friday, Nov. 22, at 10:30 a.m. in the Kinesiology building, 208.

MBA SRM students Khevyn Gormley, Grant Frey and Micah Hesman will present.

Khevyn Gormley
Title; Spectator Sports’ Best Friend: An in-depth look at the sports fan and the importance of ‘fan engagement’ in the contemporary marketplace
Abstract; The purpose of this presentation will be to explore the concept of sports fandom and the determinants that drive sporting event consumption. Working to understand critical factors that foster fan identity and influence fan motivations and social behaviour will help to define fan loyalty towards sports and teams. There will be a focus on building a solid comprehension of the trending marketing term "fan engagement." An investigation into the tools sports marketers are utilizing to engage fans in a sporting landscape that has become increasingly more digital-dependent, interactive, and globalized will also be prioritized. Emphasis will be placed on researching current strategies sporting organizations are leveraging to generate fandom and retain fan allegiance.

Grant Frey
Title; Labour Relations in Professional Sports: Professional Athletes are People Too
Abstract; This presentation will look at the employment laws and guidelines that govern professional athletes in the major North American sports leagues. The “Big 4” North American leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) all operate using a collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the player unions. These agreements are made to require all teams in the league to abide by the same rules and give athletes some bargaining power, however, they severely restrict the freedom that athletes have in their daily lives. The transnationality of these leagues allows them to enforce the rules in the collective agreement, and not fully abide by the employment laws in the countries that they operate in. The collective agreement can severely restrict an athlete’s employment rights and illustrate that the athletes have very little agency in their own life due to the monopolistic power of the owners. Lastly, the presentation will conclude with a case study of the upcoming negotiations in the NHL as their collective bargaining agreement is set to expire and will attempt to forecast what some of the main issues will be. Issues such as Olympic participation and escrow will be examined and show how the owners use certain bargaining chips to gain more control of the players.

Micah Hesman
Title; Youth Sport Specialization - an assessment of the factors that drive youth track and field athletes to specialize in the sport of track and field.


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