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Security Alert - Recent scams targeting UNB students

Author: IT Service Desk

Posted on Oct 21, 2019

Category: News and Notices

Two scams (details below) have recently targeted UNB students, trying to collect personal information such as banking details and social insurance number (SIN).

Never share personal information like your SIN, banking information or passwords online, via email or over the phone. Please see below for more tips to protect yourself and your information and steps to take if you’ve fallen for a scam. 

About the scams

  • Job ad scam‘Avis Budget Group Inc., Part-time Book Keeper’ fake online job posting. After receiving your application, someone posing as a legitimate employee of Avis Budget Group sends you an email and letter asking you to complete a series of tasks within 24 hours and provide personal information like your banking details.
  • Phone scam – The scammer calls pretending to be from a government agency like Service Canada, asking you for personal information such as your social insurance number (SIN) and banking information.  They then ask you to purchase gifts cards or to transfer them money or Bitcoin (digital currency).

Tips to protect yourself and your information

  • Never share personal information like your SIN, banking details or passwords online, via email or over the phone. 
  • Keep your devices and applications up-to-date. These updates include security fixes that will help keep you safe.  
  • When applying for positions online – research the company separately (such as via a Google search) and make sure the website and email address in the posting match those of the real company. 
  • Avoid “fun” online surveys – answers are often associated with banking security questions and could allow criminals to access your account. 
  • Be wary of requests for gift cards, Bitcoin or wire transfers. Legitimate agencies do not do business that way.
  • Do not respond to messages directly. If you think a request might be legitimate, look up the organization’s contact information separately and contact them that way to confirm the request. 
  • Take UNB’s online cybersecurity training (Beauceron) for more info on how protect yourself from cybersecurity threats:  
  • If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of an email, phone call or online posting: contact the IT Service Desk ( | FR: 457-2222 | SJ: 657-2222) and they’ll help you determine if it’s safe.

Steps to take if you’ve fallen for a scam

  1. If you clicked a link or opened an attachment: 
    1. Change your passwords, as your device could be infected with malware. 
    2. Scan your device using an anti-virus scanner (personal devices: Malwarebytes | UNB-owned devices: ESET Endpoint Security)
  2. If you provided your banking information, contact your bank right away.
  3. Contact UNB Security (FR: 453-4830 | SJ: 648-5675) and the IT Service Desk ( | FR: 457-2222 | SJ: 657-2222) to let them know. 
  4. Contact the local police to report the scam.
  5. Visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website for additional steps and information.


Please contact the IT Service Desk at 506-457-2222 (Fredericton), 506-657-2222 (Saint John) or

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