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Physics Seminar - MRI Measurements of Acceleration in Highly Turbulent Flow

Author: Penny Davenport

Posted on Oct 21, 2019

Category: News and Notices

The next UNBF Physics Department Seminar will be held on Thursday, Oct. 24,from 1:15 - 2:15 p.m., in the IUC Physics Admin Bldg, 204.

Amy-Rae Gauthier, University of New Brunswick, will discuss, 'MRI Measurements of Acceleration in Highly Turbulent Flow.'

“Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a wonderfully versatile tool that has been used successfully, both in the physical sciences and in clinical contexts, to measure properties of fluid flow. One of the more challenging fluid flow systems to study is fast-moving, inhomogeneous, and highly turbulent flows. In this case, inhomogeneous flow refers to flow in a geometry that changes in space (e.g. a pipe that narrows and then widens). If fluid is forced to change directions, that means it is accelerating. Highly turbulent flow refers to flow velocity fields that have significant time-dependent fluctuations. The presence of these fluctuations also suggest that the fluid is accelerating. So, perhaps acceleration is an important and interesting thing to measure in this kind of system. In this seminar, I will present how I intend to do this. By the end of the session, I hope to convince you of four things:

1.      Turbulent flow is an interesting and complicated system

2.      MRI in the presence of turbulent flow requires careful control of the signal phase and amplitude

3.      With proper gradient waveform design, acceleration can be measured while minimizing signal loss from turbulence

4.      Acceleration is an interesting and useful thing to measure”

Please join us for Colloquium tea in P203 beforehand.

Category: News and Notices

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