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Improve Your Confidence, by Improving Your Writing Skills

Author: Alison Howells

Posted on Oct 2, 2019

Category: News and Notices

Do you worry that writing mistakes could undermine your credibility or your brand? Or maybe you’re just curious about how words can fit together. Improve your confidence when writing emails, reports, or business letters with the one-day Leisure Learning workshop "Fixing Common Writing Errors", on Saturday, Oct. 5, from 1 - 4 p.m. 

In this three-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to identify and correct some of the most common errors in grammar, punctuation, and word choice. You’ll look at things like commas and comma splices, colons and semicolons, sentence fragments, pronoun reference, subject-verb agreement, parallel construction, and an assortment of commonly confused words.

Fiction writers will also benefit from this workshop. It’s good to know the rules before you break them! 

For more information or to register, visit the College of Extended Learning’s website or call 453-4646. Whatever your interests, there’s a Leisure Learning course for you! 

Category: News and Notices

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