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Bruce Ziff to speak at the 2019 Ivan C. Rand Memorial Lecture

Author: Ed Bowes

Posted on Oct 21, 2019

Category: News and Notices

The UNB faculty of law will host Prof. Bruce Ziff, law professor at the University of Alberta, for the 25th installment of the Ivan C. Rand Memorial Lecture on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the Faculty of Law, 2A/2B.

Prof. Ziff will present his lecture, “Environmental Protection and the Abject Failures of the Common Law.” The protection of the natural environment is a principal concern of contemporary Canadian law, with myriad statutes and regulations directed at that goal. Prof. Ziff will discuss how this was not always so. Before the introduction of complex and robust statute-based regimes, environmental issues were largely regulated by a host of common law doctrines. These governing principles operated imperfectly.

In his talk, Dr. Ziff will discuss the limits of the common law of environmental protection, together with both institutional and ideological factors, that contributed to the law's failure to provide adequate environmental stewardship.

A reception will follow in the student lounge.

All are welcome to attend.

Category: News and Notices

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