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Launch of Ten Thousand Coffees

Author: Anita Connolly

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

Category: News and Notices

UNB has recently partnered with a technology platform called Ten Thousand Coffees to introduce students to UNB alumni so they can meet for career conversations, in person or online.

We know we’ve entered a new era in the world of work, where companies are focused on soft skills as well as new hires’ interest in continuous learning. The best way to improve those skills and continually gain new knowledge is to meet others with diverse perspectives.

Alumni have joined this platform and are eager to meet with students to share their experiences, answer questions, and provide guidance.  Each month, students will be introduced to an alum or industry partner to ask questions, practice their soft skills and expand their network. 

Students are encourged to join the UNB Career Café to get support from UNB alumni!  Or, if you are UNB Alumni, please join to act as a career mentor to our UNB Students.

What will students get from the program?

  • Gain a better understanding of what careers are available with their degree

  • Develop their networking and communications skills through real-world practice

  • Build their network of other UNB alumni based on their industry and interests


Category: News and Notices

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