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Crowdmark renewed

Author: Nancy Fitzpatrick

Posted on Jun 13, 2019

Category: News and Notices

After a successful 2018-19 pilot, the UNB-wide license for Crowdmark has been renewed for the 2019-20 academic year. Crowdmark is an online collaborative grading platform, which greatly facilitates the marking and distribution of student work and allows for more effective and efficient feedback. If you encounter challenges with efficient grading, consistent grading among a team of graders, distribution of marked student work, or effective and consistent feedback, etc., consider trying Crowdmark in one of your courses, no matter the size. It is integrated seamlessly with D2L and requires very little time to experiment with.

There was significant uptake in 2018-19 (roughly 25% of full-time UNBF students encountered Crowdmark in one of their courses), and feedback from both students and faculty was overwhelmingly positive, with ease-of-use and time saved being among the principal benefits cited by faculty. For example, grading online with Crowdmark allows one to establish a comment library that can be used when grading, so that common comments can be typed once, and then simply dragged onto students' work. Work that is particularly challenging to grade, or that might serve as exemplars, can be tagged and easily revisited. If working with a team of graders, the course coordinator can keep track of who has completed what portions of their marking, over what period of time, and TAs can tag work that they would like the instructor to view. Record-keeping is a cinch: once work is marked, a single click of an "Export to D2L" button exports all grades to D2L. Marked-up work is emailed directly to students, eliminating the need to distribute hard copies back to students. Crowdmark can automatically grade multiple choice bubble sheets, with customizable point values for each question. Whether the assessment is an assignment or a test, and whether the class has 10 or 200 students, Crowdmark can be beneficial. 

To try Crowdmark, simply:

  1. Select "Sign In" on the top-right of the page
  2. Select UNB from the dropdown menu
  3. Sign in using your D2L credentials

If you need assistance, please contact Jeff Mundee (

Category: News and Notices

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