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UNB Merit Awards Announced (2018-19)

Author: Connie A. Barnwell

Posted on May 15, 2019

Category: News and Notices

The UNB Merit Awards recognize outstanding contributions to teaching, research and university service by members of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers.  The awards are given annually on the basis of recommendations from faculty deans, school directors and the director of libraries.

The 2018-19 Merit Award recipients are:

Dr. Ken Brien, Faculty of Education (F)

Dr. Mary Blatherwick, Faculty of Education (F)

Dr. Lucas Crawford, Department of English (F)

Dr. Ali Ghorbani, Faculty of Computer Science (F)

Dr. Kenneth Kent, Faculty of Computer Science (F)

Dr. Hsin-Chen Lin, Faculty of Business Administration (F)

Mr. David Ross, UNB Libraries – Saint John (SJ)

Dr. Amy Scott, Department of Anthropology (F)

Dr. Alan Sears, Faculty of Education (F)

Dr. Ann Timmermans, Department of Earth Sciences (F)

Dr. Lisa Todd, Department of History (F)

Dr. Lin Wang, Department of Mathematics and Statistics (F)

Category: News and Notices

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