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There is still time to register for summer term courses starting May 1

Author: Rachel Watters

Posted on Apr 24, 2019

Category: News and Notices

Make the most of your summer. Choose from on-campus or online courses.

On-campus classes begin May 1, May 28, July 2, and July 22. Complete a 3-credit hour course in as little as three or six weeks! You can register anytime for online Open Entry courses and take up to six months to complete. Download the Summer Term Schedule for a complete listing! Register today!

Courses running May 1 to May 23:

CCS*2024 - So You Think You Know Dance
CHNS*1013 - Intro Chinese I
HIST*1325 - Canada since 1945
HIST*3403 - The Loyalists
KIN*2032 - Intro to Sport & Leisure Psyc.
KIN*4993 - Sport, Animals and Ethics
MUS*2113 - Introduction to Music

Courses running May 1 to June 18:

ADM*1213 - Financial Accounting
ADM*1313 - Principles of Marketing
ADM*2413 - Principles of Finance
BIOL*1006 - Applications in Biology Part I
CHEM*1001 - General Chemistry I
CHEM*2401 - Intro to Org Chemistry for Non-Chemistry Majors
CLAS*1503 - Intro to Mythology
CS*4419 - Digital Forensics
CS*6419 - Digital Forensics
ECON*6285 - Public Policy Research
ECON*6815 - Health Economics
ED*4032 - Adult Learners With Exceptionalities
ED*6073 - Counselling the Young Child
ED*6085 - Crisis Counselling
ENGG*4013 - Law and Ethics for Engineers
ENGL*2903 - Literature of the Abyss
HIST*3364 - History of Canadian-American Relations
MAAC*2095 - Introduction to Video Games
POLS*1703 - Issues in World Politics
PSYC*2103 - Quantitative Research Methods
PSYC*2203 - Foundations Of Developmental Psychology
PSYC*2603 - Foundations Memory & Cognition

Courses running May 1 to Aug 12:

ECE*4133 - Instrumentation Design

Looking for an elective?

Earn 4 credits in seven days with BIOL 1846 – New Brunswick Plants & Their Habitats!
August 24-30, 2019

Category: News and Notices

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