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Faculty of Kinesiology Thesis Oral Examination - Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science - Justine Henry

Author: Leslie Harquail

Posted on Apr 30, 2019

Category: News and Notices

The Thesis titled "What is the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Sexual Activity in Men" will be defended by Justine Henry on Friday, May 3 at 9 a.m. in the Kinesology Building, 214.


Physical activity and sexual activity are both important aspects of quality of life. Anecdotal evidence suggests there is a relationship between these two variables, but research is limited. The objective of the current study is to explore the relationship between physical activity and sexual activity in men via correlational and parallel mediation analyses, using motives for exercise and body image as mediators. A total of 486 men between the ages of 19-75 years (M=31.9 years, SD=10.4 years) were surveyed on their physical activity levels using the Godin Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire and asked the frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual desire occurring in one week. Additionally, participants were given the Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire and the Exercise Motives Inventory-2 to explore whether these variables mediated the relationship between physical activity and sexual activity. The results showed a positive correlation between physical activity and sexual activity in men (r = .12, n = 486, p = .008). Two parallel mediation analyses revealed that the BASS was a significant mediator of the relationship between physical activity and sexual frequency for younger men, while a fitness/health orientation was a significant mediator for older men. For exercise motives, competition was a significant mediator for younger men while for older men, positive health was a significant mediator. The current study adds to the existing literature and provides valuable insight for future research on this subject.  


Category: News and Notices

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