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The MF Report Presentation of Tiancheng Wu -FR

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Posted on Dec 12, 2018

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The MF Report Presentation of Tiancheng Wu will be held on Monday, Dec. 17 at 12 p.m. in F & G, 202, Dean's Conference Room.

Supervisor:  Dr. M. Gong, FOREM

Supervisory Committee:  Dr. L. Li, UofM/HRA FOREM and Dr. H. Gu,  US Forestry Service

Report Title: Life cycle assessment on hybrid timber buildings

Abstract: With the development of human society, the emission of carbon dioxide and other noxious substances continually increase and eventually cause many environmental problems such as global warming. It has been reported that buildings consume a huge share of energy, electricity, water and materials in the world and contribute about 20 per cent of global emissions. To reduce the construction emissions has become a new research aspect. Life cycle assessment methods and tools have been developed to evaluate the entire life cycle for buildings, which helps architects, engineers and builders seek to a better solution to protection of the environment. After the comparative study on two widely-used life cycle assessment software, Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings (IE4B) and OpenLCA, it was found that Athena IE4B showed a better performance of doing the life cycle analysis on buildings in Canada. A sensitivity study was also done to evaluate the most sensitive environmental indicators when running Athena IE4B. It was found that (1) the stratospheric ozone depletion was the most sensitivity indicator if only change in amount of wood materials was made; and (2) the eutrophication was the most sensitivity indicator if change in amount of wood, steel and concrete materials together. In summary, the reasonable optimization of materials to be used in buildings could assist to reduce the environmental impact potential.

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