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Physics Seminar - Coupling Through Dynamics in the Terrestrial Atmosphere-FR

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Posted on Nov 21, 2018

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William Ward, UNBF Physics, will present "Coupling Through Dynamics in the Terrestrial Atmosphere"at the next UNB Physics Department Seminar on Thursday, Nov. 22, from 1:15 - 2:15 p.m., in the IUC Physics/Admin Bldg, 204.

“Of all the complex macroscopic physical systems that we know, the terrestrial atmosphere is probably the one studied in most detail. It is a physical system which cannot be isolated and experimented with. In the past, various layers of the atmosphere tended to be studied individually with boundary conditions providing the coupling to other regions of the atmosphere. In the past decade, a more integrated approach (termed the Sun/Earth system approach) which incorporates geo-space and the solar environment has developed. While solar influences dominate the energy inputs into this system, the terrestrial part determines how this energy is distributed. Atmospheric dynamics (upward propagating waves and their dissipation) play a major role in the vertical coupling. In this talk, this Sun/Earth system approach will be summarized. In addition, examples of the coupling processes in this system will be presented including results from work done by my group.”

Please join us for Colloquium tea in P203 beforehand.

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