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Film screening - Silver Wave films from UNB students and alumni -FR

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Posted on Nov 22, 2018

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As a celebration of UNB filmmakers, Frictive Pictures will be holding a one-time screening of films by UNB students and alumni that played at the Silver Wave Film Festival. The screening will be held in the Milham Room of the Harriet Irving Library, UNB Fredericton, on Nov. 26 from 12 - 1 p.m.

We will be playing:

  • Small Town Danger, directed by current UNB student Luiza Lima and created for a UNB film course
  • Letters from the Dead, directed by UNB alum Arianna Martinez, and produced by UNB alumni Gordon Mihan and L.K. Blakney.
  • Into the Void, directed by UNB alum Jeremy Brubacher
  • Where you were born, directed by UNB professor Dr. Matt Rogers, and featuring a crew exclusively of UNB students and alum (Josh Vandenborre, Ty Giffin, Dylan Eddington)
  • Social Proof, directed by UNB student Ashley Morehouse, and produced by Dr. Matt Rogers and UNB education student Ash Lynn.
  • Mnemosyne, directed by UNB Saint John graduate Tracey Lavigne.
  • Boneyard Gloom, directed by Jared Carney, who got his film certificate from UNB.
  • Sister's Dirge, directed by Ty Giffin for his Honours project at UNB.

Join us in celebration of the achievements of our proudly-UNB filmmakers.

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