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Faculty of Kinesiology Masters Thesis Proposal - Karlie Sun - MASRS -FR and SJ

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Posted on Nov 19, 2018

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Master of Arts in Sport and Recreation Studies (MASRS) Thesis Proposal Oral Examination entitled, "A Phenomenological Exploration on Chinese Sports Fans' Experience of Using Social Media to Maintain Fanship," by Karlie Sun will take place Wednesday Nov. 21 at 2 p.m. in the Kinesiology building, 204. 

Abstract: The use of social media within sport context is attracting increased attention from both business and academia perspectives. Social media enables direct dialogue among athletes, teams, and fans, making fans’ interaction with their favourite team(s) easier, faster, and closer. As such, fans are able to experience and express fanship in various ways. With China’s sports market becoming increasingly appealing to sports leagues and associations from overseas, social media offers a channel for them to enter this market and their build fan base. The Chinese sports fans with whom they are attempting to interact, however, are a new population with distinctive features and taste on social media, offering no straightforward recipes to follow. Given most fanship studies to date were conducted within North America, new insights obtained within the setting of China are needed. Using a hermeneutic phenomenological approach, this study aims to understand Chinese sports fans’ lived experience of maintaining fanship via social media, further acquiring insights at how that experience impacts their identification to a team(s). Purposive sampling will be utilized to recruit between six and eight participants. Data will be collected through semi-structured interviews.

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