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CETL Hosts Session Tech-Enabled But Not Tech-Dominated Teaching-FR

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Posted on Nov 14, 2018

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Join facilitators Bryan Crawford (Biology), Nick Hardy (Sociology) and Jon Sensinger (Electrical & Computer Engineering) at this session on Tuesday, Nov. 20, from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m., in Tilley Hall, 5.

At its best, a technologically enabled classroom is a means to an end, assisting instructors by providing them with strong, multi-faceted, and integrated support for multiple kinds of classrooms (regular, flipped, or blended).  At its worst, technology can become an end in itself, turning the classroom into an “edutainment” centre.  In the Spring of 2018 a small group of colleagues from across UNB met to talk about how “teaching can be taken beyond PowerPoint” without lessons becoming focused upon a technology itself.  This CETL talk by Bryan Crawford (Biology), Nick Hardy (Sociology), and Jon Sensinger (Electrical & Computer Engineering) covers some key points from that discussion.  The two experienced users of teaching technologies will share some of the tech-enabled classroom tactics and strategies they use. The third, who is taking his initial steps at reimagining his classroom teaching, will share his early experiences, both trials and triumphs.

To register for this session, please visit the CETL Event Registration site.


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