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Update on clipboards appearing in UNB classrooms-FR and SJ

Author: myUNB News

Posted on Oct 4, 2018

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After consulting with Brock University in Ontario, we were able to determine the source of the clipboards that appeared on UNB’s campuses in September that asked students for their personal information.  The clipboard design, style and wording found at Brock University were identical to the ones found at UNB.  

They determined that these clipboards are associated with a multi-level marketing painting company that uses the clipboards to recruit people into the company.  Security at Brock issued a trespass notice to the group and this type of recruitment approach is not something UNB supports.
Prospective employers should go through the Student Employment Office if they are interested in recruiting students.  Students should not be asked to supply their personal information to an unknown person or company. 
We’re hopeful that these are no longer found on our campuses; however, should you encounter a clipboard or sign-up sheet like this on UNB’s campuses, do not fill it out.  Report it to campus security (453-4830 Fredericton or 648-5675 Saint John) and hand it over to security when they arrive. 
If you have questions about the legitimacy of potential employment opportunities, please contact the Student Employment Office (453-4620 Fredericton or 648-5690 Saint John).
Don Allen
Director of Security & Traffic
Fredericton campus
David Gillespie
Environmental Health, Safety & Security
Saint John campus

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