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Dr. Gary Waite to receive inaugural UNB Award for Excellence in Research-FR and SJ

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Posted on Oct 11, 2018

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Gary Waite, of the faculty of arts, will receive the inaugural University of New Brunswick Award for Excellence in Research at the 64th Convocation on UNB's Fredericton campus.

This award is intended to honour faculty who are representative of outstanding research, scholarly, or creative achievements at UNB. The University of New Brunswick Award for Excellence in Research promotes and celebrates an environment that supports intellectual inquiry and discovery.

Dr. Waite joined the history department in 1987. In the three decades since then, he has established an exceptional record as a research scholar.

An historian of early-modern European religion and culture, Dr. Waite is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Protestant Reformation. His interests lie particularly in the more radical developments of the Reformation, including Anabaptism, spiritualism, demonology, magic and witchcraft. His research is well known for illuminating unexpected connections between historical developments generally understood in isolation in previous scholarship.

Dr. Waite is an indefatigable researcher and has produced seven books, 33 scholarly articles, 25 book chapters, 44 book reviews, 57 conference presentations, and 10 invited papers and seminars. 

His newest, and eighth, book—Jews and Muslims in Seventeenth-Century Discourse: From Religious Enemies to Allies and Friends—will be available later this month.

Dr. Waite is currently engaged in groundbreaking work in an entirely new field. He has assembled a team of five international scholars to search for the early roots of the Enlightenment in the history of religious non-conformity and conflict in the Dutch Republic and England during the 17th century. This major research project promises to significantly advance understanding of the Enlightenment by revealing the complex religious origins of an intellectual movement commonly understood to be secular.

This is a scholar whose productivity, originality and insight are well known among his peers, both in North America and around the world. He has not only influenced scholarly understandings of early modern Europe, he has shaped the field in important ways. The stature of his work has won him various recognitions from the university in the past.

The University of New Brunswick Award for Excellence in Research is a fitting tribute to a remarkable scholar at the pinnacle of his career, and to an extraordinarily dedicated and talented academic leader.

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