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Student Homelessness Research at UNB-FR and SJ

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Posted on Sep 20, 2018

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Dr. Eric Weissman extends an invitation to participate in a confidential survey about student homelessness.

Student Homelessness is a growing problem for post-secondary students all over Canada and the US. In fact, in the US, the Department of Education thinks there are as many as 1.5 million homeless students (of whom they are aware). In Canada, we do not have this data yet, but basic research suggests we have potentially tens of thousands of students who experience homelessness, and more who don’t get an education because of unstable housing. 

The goal of this research is to contribute to a baseline measure of the frequency and distribution of student homelessness that we can use to support larger scale research across Canada. UNB (all campuses and students) is one of three Post-Secondary Institutions that are contributing to this important research. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Eric Weissman, is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at UNB Saint John. The information we collect will likely reveal knowledge about local issues we hadn’t been aware of and will help us find solutions.

Your participation is voluntary and essential to make this research effective.  There is no penalty of any kind for not participating.  There are no financial or other incentives to take part, other than the knowledge that you are helping with important research. We sincerely hope you will participate.  This is a real opportunity to help us work on solutions to a growing issue facing students.

All you have to do is follow this link.  Just follow the online instructions and submit it. THE SURVEY IS COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS!  It takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you,

Eric Weissman PhD
University of New Brunswick, Saint John
Department of Social Sciences

REB #031-2018


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