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Security Alert-FR and SJ

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Posted on Sep 19, 2018

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Both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses have had clipboards placed in classrooms for signature.  The narrative at the top of the page offers a sum of money as well as the possibility of future employment. It is in the form of a sign-up sheet where people are asked for personal information and a signature. There is no company name listed on the form.  After consulting with the Student Employment Office, we believe that this is not a legitimate offer, please do not disclose your personal information.  We do not yet know who is responsible or their intentions with respect to the information they wish to gather.
Should you encounter a clipboard or sign-up sheet like this on either campus, do not fill it out. Report it to campus security immediately (453-4830 Fredericton or 648-5675 Saint John) and hand it over to security when they arrive. 
If you have already provided information on one of these clipboards, advise campus security and be wary of any suspicious calls or text messages.
If you have questions about the legitimacy of potential employment opportunities, please contact the Student Employment Office (453-4620 Fredericton or 648-5690 Saint John).

Don Allen
Director of Security & Traffic
Fredericton campus

David Gillespie
Environmental Health, Safety & Security
Saint John campus

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