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CPA Recruiting Session-FR

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Posted on Sep 10, 2018

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CPA Potential Candidates Recruiting 2018 on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 6 - 8 p.m. (Atlantic Time) in the Student Union Building. The session will be in a small Career Fair format so each employer will be able to speak to students one-on-one.

September ​is ​an ​extremely ​active ​month ​for ​organizations and businesses ​to ​connect ​with ​students, ​particularly ​for ​firms ​looking ​to ​hire ​graduating ​BBA ​Accounting ​students. ​ ​Previously, ​each ​organization ​has ​offered ​individual ​information ​sessions ​for ​students; ​this ​has ​created ​scheduling ​challenges ​for ​everyone ​involved. 

We have invited firms and agencies to one information session on September 18th. 

There ​are ​countless ​advantages ​to ​this ​approach: 
• One ​information ​session ​will ​allow ​ALL ​interested ​students ​to ​attend; 
• The ​scheduling ​of ​this ​event ​corresponds ​to ​a ​date ​and ​time ​that ​is ​conflict ​free ​for ​students;  
• Promotion ​of ​one ​event ​will ​be ​easier ​and ​more ​effective;  
• If ​successful, ​future ​information ​sessions ​will ​follow ​this ​same ​format. ​

Firms attending

Canada Revenue Agency

Irving Oil Ltd

Teed Saunders Doyle

Bringloe Feeney




J.D. Irving, Limited


Grant Thornton LLP

CPA Association


MacMillan Lawrence and Lawrence


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