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CETL Announces - Open Classrooms Week - October 15-19-FR

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Posted on Sep 26, 2018

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Learn from your peers!  Sitting in on someone else's class is a great way to get fresh ideas for teaching. You'll see approaches to teaching and to interactions with students that might not have occurred to you. You'll also be in the best position to notice aspects of classroom dynamics that would escape you if you were teaching or if you were a student in the course. 

Open Classrooms Week is the week of October 15th. That week, classes taught by 21 different people from a variety of disciplines will be open to visits by other instructors and professors. You will be able to pick from 30 different courses offered in 54 different time slots. 

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  Our volunteers have specified how many visitors they can welcome without disrupting their classes too much; it's important to respect this. 

Instructors/professors and course titles:
Adam Wilson: Electricity & Magnetism ; Electronics 1
Arash Habibi Lashkari: Network Security
Ben Newling: Thermal Physics
Caroline Purdy: Introduction to Mathematics of Finance ; Pre-calculus Mathematics
Frank Collins: Introduction to Engineering Design & Problem Solving ;  Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
Fred Mason: Canadian History of Pucks, Parks & Playgrounds ;  Sociology of Sport, Physical Activity & Leisure
Guida Bendrich: General Material Science
Howard Li: Circuits & Electronics
Janet Austin: Criminal Law
Jasen Golding: Silviculture and Stand Intervention Design
Jessica Webster: Young Families' Health
Jennifer Andrews: Introduction to Modern Literature in English
John McLoughlin: Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School ; Pre-calculus Mathematics ; Number, Space and Measurement
Katherine Barclay: Pathophysiology I
Lucia O'Sullivan: Foundations of Social Psychology ;  Close Relationships
Lyle Hamm: Responsive leadership in culturally diverse schools and communities
Magdalen Normandeau: Quantum Physics
Maria Papaioannou: Discovering Ancient Civilizations
Nicole O'Byrne: Evidence ; Aboriginal People and the Law
Sean Kennedy: Age of Empires
Val Reeves: General Chemistry I

To sign up for any of these classes, please visit the CETL Event Registration site.

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