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Faculty of Education Presents Enacting Sex Education - A Teacher's Perspective-FR

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Posted on Jul 6, 2018

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The UNB faculty of education presents Enacting Sex Education: A Teacher’s Perspective, by Dr. Katie MacEntee, faculty of environmental studies at York University.

Join us on Tuesday, July 17, in Marshall d'Avray Hall, Room 356, at 7 p.m. with a reception to follow. This is a free public event.

In 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Education (re-)launched an updated sexual health curriculum. This was the first update to the curriculum since 1998 – an era before smart phones, #MeToo, and same-sex marriage. The curriculum was deemed controversial by a small but vocal minority that captured the media cycle for several weeks by setting up picket lines and removing their children from classes. Educators teaching sexual health according to a provincially mandated curriculum face many challenges. They must know how to respond to student questions and manage sensitive issues. They may also need to mediate their students and their own moral, ethical, cultural and historical experiences with sex, sexuality and gender that can make this material deeply personal and potentially challenging to explore with diverse student bodies. What are teachers’ experiences enacting Ontario’s revised sexual health curriculum? What were the successes and challenges of implementing these controversial curricular innovations? What are the implications and lessons learned to help inform the roll-out of future updates to the curriculum in Ontario and across the rest of Canada?

Dr. Katie MacEntee is a visiting Summer Scholar in the faculty of education at UNB. Dr. MacEntee’s research explores the intersections of gender, sexual health education and community-based media production.

Contact: Dr. Casey Burkholder or Dr. Matt Rogers

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