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2018 Spring Fire Drills on UNBF campus-FR

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Posted on May 2, 2018

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Please announce the following instructions for Fire Drills to your undergraduate and graduate students at the beginning of classes.

All occupants MUST evacuate the building immediately via the nearest exit when the fire alarm rings.

Please familiarize yourself with In Case of Fire Procedures posted above all fire alarm pull boxes in hallways and with the Emergency Procedures Booklet posted on bulletin boards (also available from the Safety Office and on the web at

Please familiarize yourself with the evacuation plans (floor plans) in those classrooms that have them. They are usually located near the light switch. If your classroom does not have a floor plan, then move in the direction of the fire exit signs located in the corridors and follow the lighted exit signs to the nearest building exit.

If time permits, close all windows and doors. Leave doors unlocked to allow easy access for emergency personnel.

Take with you only those personal possessions/valuables within your immediate vicinity.

Do not use elevators to exit the building. Offer assistance to any persons with disabilities as well as to any visitors or persons who may become injured during a real emergency. If a person with a disability cannot be evacuated, the person should be escorted to a pre-designated safe area (for e.g. inside fire doors at the head of a stairwell) by a building fire warden or a “buddy” and remain there until assistance arrives.

Do not congregate directly outside the building exits as this can impede emergency responders during real emergencies. Move away from the building at least 10 meters.

Only authorized personnel are permitted in the building during a fire alarm. The fire wardens or Security personnel will instruct you when to re-enter. If you are required to remain outside for an extended period during inclement weather, you are advised to seek temporary shelter in an adjacent building.

The Dean or Director is responsible for appointing fire wardens for the building.The fire warden duties are located at /safety/handbook/wardens.htmlIf your building or complex has fire wardens, heed their advice. They can be identified by the orange armbands. Failure to comply with the instruction from fire wardens, Security or other emergency personnel could result in disciplinary action.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Safety Office at 453-5075 or the Security Office at 453-4830 or visit

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