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The MEM Report Presentation of Brandon Love -FR

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Posted on Apr 24, 2018

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MEM Report Presentation of Brandon Love will be held on Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 1 p.m. in Forestry & Geology Building Room 202 - Dean's Conference Room.

Report Presentation Chaired By: Dr. B. Leblon, FOREM
Supervisor(s):  Dr. Tom Beckley, FOREM
Report Title: Parlee Beach – An Environmental Management Case Study
Abstract: Parlee Beach is New Brunswick’s most iconic and popular swimming destination and attracts hundreds of thousands of people to its beautiful coastline every year. In the past few years however, Parlee Beach has been dealing with high levels of faecal coliform contamination in the water and managers are facing tough questions with regards to land-use in the region.

Catalysed by the need to improve the water quality at Parlee Beach, numerous initiatives were undertaken by the provincial government, professional consultants, and academics during the summer of 2017. Two of these initiatives will be discussed further and recommendations made that are intended to help inform the decision-makers at Parlee Beach when it comes to fixing these water quality and environmental problems. A Best Management Practices Report was developed that suggests improved practices concerning environmental education, water quality, environmental management, and safety and services at Parlee Beach. A rezoning initiative is also described which recommends moving boats further back from the swimmers’ area and creates a people-powered recreation zone for canoers, kayakers, paddle-boarders, and other active ocean enthusiasts. Finally, beach nourishment recommendations are provided that intend to provide decision-makers at Parlee Beach with a clearer understanding of the impacts caused by this polarizing activity.

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