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Replacing Scan Answer Sheets - Effective May 1 2018-FR

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Posted on Apr 24, 2018

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The current Scantron sheet UNB Fredericton uses for exams and tests uses outdated scanning technology that can no longer be maintained by UNB Print Services. This means if existing software, computer hardware or scanning equipment fail, they cannot be repaired or replaced.

For this reason, the Registrar’s Office and UNB Print Services have partnered (with faculty input) to design and print a new scan sheet customized for UNB exams and tests. The new scan sheet, named RapidScan, uses new technology providing faster and more accurate scans resulting in a significantly improved scanning process and reduced costs to the institution. 

Starting May 1, 2018, UNB faculties and departments can begin ordering RapidScan sheets directly from UNB Print Services. RapidScan sheets will be a stocked item at Print Services and readily available. 

For those with a stock of the existing scan sheets, you can continue to use these until August 31, 2018 (or until the old scanning hardware fails); however, UNB Print Services will not be able to process tests or exams using a mix of the old and new scan sheets. Please ensure the two different types of scan sheets are not used for the same test or exam as you deplete your existing stock. 

To order your new RapidScan sheets (packages of 100), email

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