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Still time to register for Job Crafting Workshop-FR

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Posted on Mar 12, 2018

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There are still seats available for our workshop on job crafting this Friday afternoon. Hosted by UNB's MBA Professional Development class, this workshop - Job Crafting Behaviors and Decision-Making Styles that Facilitate Work Process Improvement - will be facilitated by Dr. Patrick Bruning at Planet Hatch on Friday, March 16, from 1 - 4 p.m. For more information or to register, contact Liz Lemon-Mitchell at 458-7492 or

Job Crafting

Job crafting is employee-derived job design and both specific job crafting behaviors, as well as specific job crafting decision-making processes, have both been found to relate to employees’ improvements to how they do their work. In this session, we go over new research findings not yet available to the general public, as well as related best practices relevant to job crafting and employees’ personalized work improvement. The discussions will cover both the scientific explanation of the studies as well as the generally applied takeaways. An applied activity will involve workshop participants using these guidelines to develop a plan of action for addressing a professional (work) dilemma using job crafting strategies.

Dr. Patrick Bruning

Dr. Bruning currently teaches courses in leadership, motivation, and organizational behaviour. His research covers the general topics of job crafting, social influence, cross-cultural studies, motivation, and leadership. His research on job crafting considers the ways that people change their jobs to increase efficiency and effectiveness while decreasing stress. His other current research considers how the social context influences individuals, and how employees from different countries assess the fairness of their employing organizations in different ways.


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