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Public Lecture by Patrick Eldridge, candidate for Tenure-Track position in Philosophy -SJ

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Posted on Mar 27, 2018

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UNB Saint John's Department of Humanities & Languages invites everyone to a public lecture by Patrick Eldridge (candidate for a Tenure-Track position in Philosophy) entitled, "The Act of Forgetting:  Husserl on the Absence of the Past" on Thursday, March 29 at 1:30 p.m. in Hazen Hall, 126.

In this talk I extrapolate a phenomenological theory of forgetting from Husserl’s lectures on time-consciousness and passive modes of intentionality. Against Husserl’s own self-understanding, I argue that the act of remembering cannot constitute the past as absent. Yet Husserl’s own lectures provide the basic framework for an act that can: the act of forgetting. In order for a consciousness’ own past to be truly absent, it must undergo a double concealment: you must forget the event and then forget that you have forgotten the event. In this quasi-Husserlian view, forgetting is not just a lack of memory. Rather, forgetting, considered as a double concealment, is the work of two syntheses: retentional contraction and affective fusion. I will demonstrate how these two processes provide an adequate description of how consciousness removes itself from itself—that is, from its own experiences—thereby creating a general and characterless temporal horizon of the forgotten past, which consciousness is constantly transcending.

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