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What s the deal with Avenir All about UNB fonts

Author: Marketing

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

Category: Brand

When it comes to having strong brand identity, consistency equals impact. Although typography might seem like a minor component of UNB’s overall brand identity, its potential impact can’t be overlooked. Fonts, similar to colours, can evoke certain responses and emotions in a reader and can make a strong first impression. For example, consider these brands and their typeface choices: Cadillac Cadillac’s script font captures their essence of prestige, elegance and sophistication. Disney Disney’s distinct font portrays a message of whimsy and nostalgia. LinkedIn Linkedin’s sans serif font choice is clean and professional which suits their role as a business and employment-oriented social networking platform. Fonts can convey a strong message about a brand and its overall style and identity. When developing UNB material, whether a poster, presentation or email, it’s important to keep in mind all aspects of UNB’s brand identity, including typography. Typography is a powerful brand recognition tool not to be overlooked. Typography is an extension of a brand’s voice and reflects a brand’s personality. UNB’s personality is authentic, caring, friendly, resourceful and determined and our fonts reflect these attributes. There are a variety of fonts you can choose from when developing UNB materials, depending on your project and level of access.


Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 10.34.40 AM UNB’s primary font is Avenir. The word avenir is French for “future,” which aligns perfectly with UNB’s essence: every future matters. Avenir is a proportional geometric sans serif typeface. Sans serif fonts (fonts without the extra lines on the ends of letters) are typically thought to look more modern and streamlined and are easier to read on the web. You'll need a license to use Avenir. (Email us at brand@unb.ca for access.) If you do not have access to Avenir, Century Gothic is the official UNB font for email, Word and PowerPoint. If Century Gothic is unavailable, Arial can be used. By following our typography guidelines and presenting a consistent UNB message across all communication channels, you are helping to build and strengthen UNB’s visual identity. Have a question about fonts? Contact us at brand@unb.ca.