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A Big Welcome to Dr Gabriel Hrynick

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Posted on Oct 18, 2016

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Dr. Gabe Hrynick

Meet Dr. Gabriel Hrynick, new faculty member in the Anthropology Department.

Gabe Hrynick is originally from northern Maine. He completed his BA at UMaine, MA at UNB, and PhD at the University of Connecticut. After finishing his PhD in 2015, he was a visiting faculty member at Bates College for a year.

Research Interests & Upcoming Projects

Gabe is an archaeologist who studies the Indigenous hunter-gatherers who lived in Maine and the Maritimes at and before European contact. Much of his work has been in coastal Maine and Nova Scotia. He is particularly interested in how people built and lived in their houses. In upcoming years, he is excited to conduct fieldwork with UNB students at coastal sites in the region. All of these sites are threatened by coastal erosion, which makes studying them a priority. Currently he has research support from the McCain Foundation.

Courses he will be teaching in 2016/17

ANTH/ARCH 1303 The Human Past: Archaeological Approaches

ANTH 3303 Archaeological Traditions of North America

ANTH 5303 Theory and Method in Archaeology

Favourite part of Fredericton so far

"I’m excited to be back in the same area as friends I made when I was a master’s student. And, of course, I enjoy going to the market on Saturdays and wandering around downtown."

What advice would you give to new students?

"Make sure to find the time to read some things that aren’t assigned."