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Who Are New Brunswick’s Low-Skilled Workers?  

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

Posted on Sep 1, 2021

Category: Labour Markets , Datasets , Economics

What does it mean to be low-skilled in New Brunswick? And which New Brunswickers are most likely to have low levels of skills in the workplace?  


NB-IRDT researchers explore these questions in a recent report, in which they construct profiles of low-skilled workers in the province. By focusing on groups with low levels of education, jobs with low skills requirements, and low income, they examine the proportion of low-skilled workers and the size of their incomes.  

Identifying these potentially vulnerable groups enables decision makers to evaluate the impact of existing training and skills development programs and helps them determine how to best serve this population.  

Read the full report to see how our researchers measure low skill and to review their results. 

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