A recent article by CBS News has announced that malware targeting Android devices is still on the rise, with dangerous vulnerabilities being discovered and jeopardizing millions of devices. Since the recent discovery of the Stagefright vulnerability, manufacturers have been working  quickly to find solutions to ensure Android devices are safe and secure; however,  cyber criminals… Read More »

Looking for ideas on what software and tools you should be using to get the most out of your website? Or simply curious about all the different components that were used to put together your favourite site? Check out www.builtwith.com . Just enter a website’s URL on the Built With home page and click Lookup,… Read More »

Have you ever travelled to a country with a foreign language and couldn’t read the signs or menus? With Word Lens, you will never have that problem again! The new app works on road signs, restaurant menus, billboards, and more. By aiming your mobile device’s camera at the words you need translated, Word Lens will… Read More »

Online scammers are getting more creative every day to try and steal your information. One of the latest scams to surface is a very elaborate Netflix phishing scam. It has since been taken down, but shows just how far scammers and phishers are willing to go. Created by a team of tech support scammers located… Read More »

If you have a Mac, you’ve probably been told at least once in your life that you don’t need Anti-Virus protection. Unfortunately, viruses and malware are a risk for any computer, regardless of whether it’s a Mac or PC. Here are a few common myths about anti-virus protection that every Mac owner should be aware… Read More »

Not every app is available for every smart phone, tablet or device. Some apps available for the IPhone may not be available for Blackberries. Luckily PC Magazine compiled a list of the must-have apps for your gadgets and organized them based on your operating system. Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Android users can now look to… Read More »

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Travelling to the States, Europe or Asia? Maybe you won’t be able to get to a computer as often as you’d like to check in with friends and family. Viber is a free app that allows you to use 3G/4G data or Wi-Fi to send text messages or make phone calls to other users; no… Read More »

“I’ll Google it.” We’ve all said this more times than we can count when asked questions we don’t know the answer to. But did you know Google is helpful for more than just answering “who was the Leaf’s latest draft pick?” It can show trends over time, studies and tips on how to grow a… Read More »