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Word Lens – The new Translator App (Comments Off)

7/30/14 •

Have you ever travelled to a country with a foreign language and couldn’t read the signs or menus? With Word Lens, you will never have that problem again! The new app works on road signs, restaurant Continue reading

Phishing for Money (Comments Off)

5/21/14 •

Online scammers are getting more creative every day to try and steal your information. One of the latest scams to surface is a very elaborate Netflix phishing scam. It has since been taken down, but shows Continue reading

Myths of Anti-Virus Protection for Mac (Comments Off)

5/14/14 •

If you have a Mac, you’ve probably been told at least once in your life that you don’t need Anti-Virus protection. Unfortunately, viruses and malware are a risk for any computer, regardless of whether it’s a Continue reading

The top apps for any device (Comments Off)

8/07/13 •

Not every app is available for every smart phone, tablet or device. Some apps available for the IPhone may not be available for Blackberries. Luckily PC Magazine compiled a list of the must-have apps for your Continue reading

UNB can help you build your resume (Comments Off)

8/07/13 •

No matter how much experience you have, or how talented you are, if your resume isn’t in order you may not get the interview for the job you really wanted. A resume says a lot about Continue reading

Some tips to get you started with Windows 8 (Comments Off)

8/02/13 •

Just picked up a brand new Windows 8 laptop for the start of classes in September? The Windows 8 environment may be a little different from what you’re used to, so here are some tips and Continue reading

Free texting and calling anywhere in the world (Comments Off)

8/02/13 •

Travelling to the States, Europe or Asia? Maybe you won’t be able to get to a computer as often as you’d like to check in with friends and family. Viber is a free app that allows Continue reading

Did you know Google could do that? (Comments Off)

8/02/13 •

“I’ll Google it.” We’ve all said this more times than we can count when asked questions we don’t know the answer to. But did you know Google is helpful for more than just answering “who was Continue reading

The smart way to buy a smartphone (Comments Off)

8/02/13 •

Buying a phone may seem easy at the start, but once you get to the store it becomes a question of what you want to be able to do, colour, size, speed, data, roaming, etc. So Continue reading

An app for apes (Comments Off)

8/02/13 •

The old saying “so easy a monkey could do it” is taking on a new meaning. Apps for Apes is a non-profit organization allowing apes to play around with IPads to make music, play games, and Continue reading