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Recycle your old personal electronics in a UNBF e-waste bin

Author: tidBiTS

Posted on Dec 4, 2018

Category: General Interest , News , Tips and Tricks

Do you have old or broken electronic devices at home that you’re not sure what to do with?

UNB has three e-waste recycling bins on the Fredericton campus to make it easy for you to dispose of small, unwanted personal electronic items, from batteries and inkjet cartridges to cell phones and digital cameras.

Help make UNBF and our community a little greener by bringing your e-waste to one of the bins located:

  • Outside the ITS department in Head Hall (D level)
  • In the University Bookstore entry way/lobby 
  • In the main (Commons) area of the Harriet Irving library (HIL)

Before dropping off your e-waste, don’t forget:

  1. All items/devices should be wiped of any data before being disposed of in the e-waste bins.
  2. These bins are for personal devices only; all UNB-owned electronic waste should be handled through your departmental level 1 or ITS.