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The Latest Phishing Email Reported at UNB

Author: ITS

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Category: IT Security Alerts , General Interest

What you need to know:

WhatsApp on mobile device

  • The email is warning you that your WhatsApp subscription is expiring
  • It advises that it is imperative for you to renew your subscription
  • A link is provided “to perform a check of your information now, otherwise your account will be deleted”

What to do if you have received the email:

  • DO NOT reply or click on the link
  • Inform the ITS Help Desk of the phishing attempt

One of the most common scam emails comes in the form of a warning. This is meant to invoke enough concern in people that they will want to fix the supposed issue or to confuse them into clicking to investigate.

Visit ITS’ Phishing Examples webpage to see the WhatsApp Phishing email, along with other examples of common phishing emails.

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