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5 Odd Questions with Isabel Torres

Author: ITS

Posted on Jul 6, 2016

Category: Our Community , General Interest

It’s that time again—with the new month comes a new edition of 5 Odd Questions! This month we’re featuring ITS’ own Isabel Torres.

We asked Isabel about her role at ITS: As a Senior Project Manager I work closely with various teams and groups of people to deliver projects that address our clients’ needs and contribute to the University strategy.

Now for Isabel’s 5 Odd Questions:

1. If you could only eat items that belong to one of the four basic food groups (grains, dairy products, fruits/vegetables, protein) for an entire week, which of the food groups would you prefer to eat from?

Isabel and dog


2. If you could travel anywhere around the world, where would you go?

Difficult…. Many places in my bucket list :) Let’s say Patagonia

3. Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?

Dogs—they wear their hearts on their sleeves! They seem to show more affection. Sorry Kitty! I love cats too!

4. If you could replace an actor/actress in any movie or TV series (with yourself), who would you replace?

Hmm… Not a particular preference, but let’s say “Titanic”

5. Would you prefer constant heat or nothing but cold weather?

Depends, below 30 degrees Celsius I prefer heat :) if we’re talking about 30 degrees Celsius and above I’d prefer cold weather

Stay tuned for our next edition of 5 Odd Questions!

Email tidBiTS@unb.ca to contribute some odd questions of your own or to submit a request for our next feature.