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Warning Recent Orlando Tragedy Exploited

Author: ITS

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Category: IT Security Alerts , General Interest

Cybercriminals have reportedly been using the tragic mass shooting in Orlando to their advantage.

Dishonest man holding donation cup filled with money

What you need to know about the scam:

  • Cybercriminals are purposefully sending out phishing emails at a sensitive time, in an attempt to trick people into clicking on malicious links or opening dangerous attachments
  • They are asking for your help with charitable donations to the victims and family’s involved in the tragedy
  • They are providing links for you to click on to give financial donations or to see more information about blood drives
  • They sometimes provide attachments or links that claim to contain things like “inside information” or “exclusive videos”

What to do if you receive an email about the mass shooting in Orlando:

  • Be very critical of its contents
  • If you feel uneasy or suspicious about the email, automatically treat it as a potential phishing attempt 
  • DO NOT click on any of the links or attachments until it has been reported to the ITS Help Desk and further instructions are given

We all want to help out during times of tragedy, but it is still important that we always have our guard up. It is an unfortunate reality that cybercriminals will look for any way to take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable.

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