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Happy Studying UNB

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 5, 2012

Category: General Interest , Tips and Tricks

Congratulations students, on completing yet another semester of classes at UNB! Only a few exams to go and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a much deserved holiday with friends and family.

Looking for some helpful tips to get you through those long days and nights of studying? Try some of these tricks used by ITS staff members during their days as students:

  • Study TimeRedo all of your assignments without looking at the solutions!
  • Be sure to check out those old exams from previous years your professor posted in Desire2Learn or put on reserve at the library.
  • Reward yourself with little breaks and get outside for some fresh air.
  • Write a cheat sheet even if you aren’t allowed one for the final. This is a great way to help you memorize formulas or key ideas.
  • Rewrite the important bits from your notes and/or class slides to help things sink in even more.
  • Avoid studying at home if you’re easily distracted.
  • If you’re given a sample final, try to do it a couple times without your notes.
  • If you like to study alone (or don’t want to study with certain people), go study in a building or a room/lab where no one will think to look for you.
  • If candy is a good incentive for you, try what this image suggests: place gummy bears on the pages of your notes or textbook. Whenever you reach a gummy bear, reward yourself by eating it!

From all of us at ITS, good luck on your exams everyone!