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Email Etiquette 101 Punching out a killer subject line

Author: ITS

Posted on Jun 20, 2012

Category: Tips and Tricks , General Interest

Did you know that an email’s subject line is one of, if not the most important part of the email? After all, other than your name or email address, it’s the first thing your recipient is going to see.

If done properly, subject lines can save time, confusion, and even tell your recipient everything they need to know before they’ve even opened the message.

Here are a few tips to help make your subject line a good one:

email1. Be clear and precise. Make it simple, useful and of course relevant to the topic of your email. For example, if you’re writing about an upcoming event, be sure to include the date in the subject line.

2. Categorize your message. Let your recipient know if your message is [time sens], [low priority], requires [action], or simply contains [info] before they’ve even opened it by putting one of these categories directly in the subject line.

3. EOM. If it is only going to take a handful of words to relay the message in your email, throw it all in the subject line and end it with ‘EOM’. This helpful little acronym stands for “End of Message” and saves your recipient from even having to open your email.