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VoIP Part 3 Interesting Features and Benefits

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 8, 2012

Category: Projects , General Interest

So far in our VoIP series, tidBiTS has introduced you to what VoIP is and why UNB wants it, as well as how ITS is upgrading the UNB network to get ready for VoIP.  Now that you’ve had a behind the scenes look at the project, we thought we’d share some of the cool features associated with VoIP and the many ways this new solution will benefit the university.

VoIP’s greatest appeal and biggest benefit is without a doubt the $4 million in cost savings it will bring to the university over the next ten years. These cost savings will come in part from the elimination of one-time service fees like when a new number is added to your department or moving your phone number with you when you change offices, and from certain features like voicemail and auto-call attendant/distribution being provided through VoIP at no additional cost meaning UNB Fredericton departments and faculties can expect to see a noticeable cost reduction on their monthly phone bills.

Now that you know how VoIP will benefit UNB as a whole, let’s consider some of the ways faculty and staff at UNB in Fredericton will benefit directly from this new solution.  Although VoIP phones themselves will be different, they will function very similarly to your current telephone and provide you with all the same features like voice mail, 3-way conference calling, speed dialing, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, call return, caller ID block, and last number dial, so you’re not missing anything. Additionally, VoIP will also provide you with these other neat new features:

A sneak peak at a VoIP telephoneIntegrated Voice & Email – By having voicemail and email synched, you will be able to easily listen to messages from either place and save any voicemail messages you want to hold on to with your other email messages.

UNB Phone Directory lookup – As part of its integration with connectEd, VoIP will allow you to search and select numbers from the UNB phonebook directly on your phone’s menu.

Take your Number Anywhere – Much like a computer, a VoIP phone can be moved throughout campus and recognized as soon as it’s connected to the UNB network. This means if you have to move offices, you will be able to receive calls to your phone number as soon as your phone is plugged in.

‘Soft’ Telephone Capabilities – If desired, VoIP will also allow you to use your computer as a telephone by installing software and connecting a microphone and speakers or headset (this is known as a ‘soft’ telephone).

To learn more about VoIP at UNB, please visit ITS’s VoIP webpage. Be sure to keep your eye on tidBITS for our final installment in the VoIP series: ITS current project status and when you can expect to get VoIP at UNB in Fredericton.

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