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New Social Media Site might Pique your Pinterest written by Nicki Smith

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 9, 2012

Category: General Interest

Nicki Smith is a student employee at ITS and writes many of the articles in tidBiTS. This week we asked her to share her thoughts about a new social media site she found interesting. Enjoy!

Lately I've seen a lot of posts in Facebook about a new site called Pinterest, so I thought I would finally put my curiosity to rest and find out what all the fuss was about.

Simply put, Pinterest is a place to 'pin' (post) and share images and videos you've found on the web and think are interesting or inspiring. Once you have items pinned, you can organize them into your own personal categories, such as hair styles you'd love to try, athletes you idolize, or great rainy day activities for your kids, then share them with your friends or other 'pinners' with similar interests.

One thing about Pinterest that I found to be quite interesting is that unlike other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, you're unable to create an account until you've received an invitation. Requesting an invitation is easy enough (you just have to click the 'request an invite' button the Pinterest home page), but you might be surprised by just how long it takes for the invitation to arrive in your email inbox (I still hadn't received mine after 5 days). Don't worry though, if you get tired of waiting for an invitation directly from the website like I did, you can also just politely ask a friend who already has a Pinterest account to send you an invitation.

According to Site Analytics, Pinterest has grown to have over 7 million users in just a matter of months, and it only took me a few minutes of browsing the site's homepage to understand why. Pinterest is what I would call a "feel good" site. If a post doesn't inspire you to get organized, motivate you to hit the gym, or make you think "wow, what a great idea, I want to try that!", you can be sure it will make you laugh, smile, or give you warm and fuzzy feelings in your stomach and make you say "awww!". On a more practical side, Pinterest can also serve as a handy resource for aspiring photographers, interior decorators, or anyone trying to gather ideas for a big event like a wedding. With all this being said, however, there's no denying Pinterest also falls under the "addicting websites that have the potential to swallow up every last drop of my spare time" category, so I highly recommend you proceed with caution.