It’s been a very busy summer of planning and development at ITS, and I am very pleased to announce 2 new IT services coming to the UNB community this fall. First, the IT Service Desk–already in limited deployment–replaces the traditional IT help desks on both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses with faster, more efficient… Read More »

A new phishing email has been discovered at UNB with the subject line “Final messages from University of New Brunswick admin”. The email claims you have important unread messages from the ‘University of New Brunswick Administrator’ and asks you to a click a link to review your messages and avoid service interruption. If you received… Read More »

Over the past few months, ITS and ISS have been transforming how we provide technical support at UNB. Our goal? To improve your experience when you need IT help whether via email, phone or in person.As part of this, we’ve made a few (more) changes. Our name – UNB IT Service Desk Our Help Desks… Read More »

By now you’ve probably heard the United States is considering issuing a ban on laptops and other large electronics on international flights. If you’re flying into or out of the US, you may be required to follow these new regulations. The first — and probably easiest — thing you can do to reduce your risk… Read More »

UNB File Drop recently received a face lift, making it even easier to send large files to UNB faculty, staff and students. What changed? Simplified look and feel More mobile friendly Ability to easily drag and drop files from your device to File Drop Improved UNB address book look up What is UNB File Drop?… Read More »

ITS is implementing Office 365 (O365) for all faculty and staff during the last week of June. Between now and then, many activities will be taking place to ensure a seamless experience when the migration actually begins. O365 is Microsoft’s cloud service providing email, calendar, and personal file storage. UNB students, alumni, and retirees have… Read More »

Background In 2014, ITS signed a contract with Telus to provide mobile phone services to UNB. The model for delivering mobility services changed considerably with the new contract; the Mobility Centre in Head Hall, staffed by Telus and UNB employees, was opened to provide personalized device support throughout the selection, acquisition, use, and de‐provisioning cycle.… Read More »

This summer, ITS and ISS are transforming how we provide technical support at UNB. As part of this, our three Help Desks (UNBF and UNBSJ) will become the UNB Service Desk. Beginning May 31, we will start using our new UNB Service Desk name in all of our communications. Also, in the coming months, we… Read More »

On Sunday, June 4, Colleague (known to most at UNB as Datatel) is being updated to the latest version, Colleague UI5. At the same time, the name ‘Datatel’ is officially being retired at UNB. What does this mean to you? Effective June 4: The URL (link) for Colleague is changing. To access Colleague after June… Read More »

Bell, the Canadian telecom company, was recently the victim of a data breach in which hackers got access to the email addresses of approximately 1.9 million Bell customers. What does this mean to you? If you have an account with Bell, we highly recommend you reset your password immediately to help protect your account from… Read More »