The German government is investing billions in smart city technologies as a driver of economic growth, including renewable energy and smart mobility, and is reimagining scale while doing so. Water will be treated mainly at building or neighbourhood levels, not municipal. Seamless intermodal connectivity at the local level will be key to sustainable transportation. Energy needs will be met entirely from small-scale investments at the building- or community level, relying… Read More »

University of New Brunswick (UNB) alumnus, Caleb Grove (BSCE Mechanical, 2015), has begun a project through his startup, Mbissa Energy Systems, to develop sustainable energy systems for use in rural Africa. Mr. Grove and his family moved from New Brunswick to Cameroon when he was eight years old. Three years later they settled into the… Read More »

Chris Turner, one of Canada’s leading writers and speakers on sustainability and the global cleantech industry, will shed light on the global sustainability movement as the Andrews Initiative Speakers Series on Energy and the Environment continues. Boundlessly optimistic about the future and refreshingly pragmatic about the path that leads us there, Turner will present his… Read More »

The Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) today released a new five-year innovative research plan focused on protecting and improving the health of rivers.  The timing of the research plan coincides with the recurring theme of river and water management headlines in the news related to changes to the Fisheries Act, concerns of hydro-fracking and other resource… Read More »

Sustainable Saint John, in partnership with the Andrews Initiative and the UNB Urban and Community Studies Institute, presents Green Means Go! Jobs, Skills, and Resilience in a 21st Century Economy, a lecture on sustainable economic development delivered by national thought-leader Dr. Sarah L. White. The public lecture and discussion period will take place on Thursday,… Read More »

The Faculty of Engineering, in partnership with the Andrews Initiative, proudly presents the 33rd annual Dineen Memorial Lecture, featuring Dr. Richard J. Marceau, president of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and provost of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The lecture will be given on both campuses: on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 4 p.m.,… Read More »

Canadian writer Margaret Atwood will participate in a new business course being offered this winter at the University of New Brunswick. Entitled The Environment, Society and Business, the course will focus on issues of sustainability, and will include writings, films, and speakers from different disciplines including the arts, biology and business. Along with Atwood, the… Read More »