A postdoctoral researcher in the University of New Brunswick’s department of mathematics and statistics has been awarded a major grant of over $139,000 to study the fundamental nature of time in the universe. “’What is time?’ is an ancient question that has puzzled human beings since the beginning of civilization, and remains unsolved today,” says… Read More »

You might expect a mathematics instructor who is an expert on space-time curvature to offer theories about black holes—and maybe even time travel—but A Unified Theory of Superman’s Powers?   When Ben Tippett meets someone new, he asks: what do you want to learn?  The curiosity that pushed Tippett to complete a PhD in mathematics… Read More »

A University of New Brunswick professor has received $140,000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to advance his research. Dr. P. Thayyil Jayachandran, UNB physics professor and principal investigator for the Expanded Canadian High-Arctic Ionospheric Network (ECHAIN), was recognized through the foundation’s Leaders Opportunity Fund. The funding will be used to add 15 Global Positioning… Read More »