Irregularities in Earth’s upper atmosphere can distort GPS signals and NASA has teamed up with University of New Brunswick geodesy and geomatics engineering researcher, Richard Langley, to study these irregularities in hopes of diminishing their effects on communications.  When you don’t know how to get to an unfamiliar place, you probably rely on a smart… Read More »

NASA senior research scientist and principal investigator and University of New Brunswick graduate Attila Komjathy is using GPS for an entirely new application, which can track and monitor tsunamis.  The early days of his dissertation research at UNB, specifically working with Professor Richard B. Langley, is what first interested Komjathy in the research of different… Read More »

When Tiziana Trabucchi was a little girl growing up in Milan, Italy, her grandfather gave her an encyclopedia. The seven-year-old pored over the geology section, solidifying her awe for the sciences in a city known for the arts. “There is the sensation of living in the past in Italy,” she said, pointing to museums, opera… Read More »