We know they have them.  We know they use them.  So why not put them to good, academic use?  What are we talking about?  Students and their mobile devices of course. Turning distractions into learning opportunities UNB Saint John has started using Top Hat, a Canadian web-based classroom response platform, so that instead of Facebooking,… Read More »

Starting this past Saturday all UNB websites will get a facelift as we move to a more responsive web design. “It will take several days to fully implement all the changes – after all, over 20,000 pages are being refreshed – but there will be very little actual downtime. When complete, the revised website will… Read More »

The University of New Brunswick Saint John has recently updated its first mobile application for smartphones.   The mobile app, available for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as well as Blackberry and Android, is new and improved with the addition of even more useful links. “We’ve made a couple of significant… Read More »