We know they have them.  We know they use them.  So why not put them to good, academic use?  What are we talking about?  Students and their mobile devices of course. Turning distractions into learning opportunities UNB Saint John has started using Top Hat, a Canadian web-based classroom response platform, so that instead of Facebooking,… Read More »

May 26 to June 1 is Disability Awareness Week and a new committee at the University of New Brunswick is ensuring that accessible learning is available to all students. Out of 100 University of New Brunswick students, between three and four have a diagnosed disability and are registered with UNB Fredericton’s Student Accessibility Centre. Large… Read More »

A University of New Brunswick researcher is helping lead an initiative aimed at increasing citizen engagement in learning and innovation. A series of public dialogue sessions on learning were launched in Fredericton this week. The sessions are part of the second phase of public dialogues for a citizen engagement initiative on learning and innovation entitled… Read More »