UNB professor and former provost and vice-president (research), Greg Kealey, has won one of four prestigious Canada prize awards from the Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences, which recognize the best Canadian scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences. Dr. Kealey won the Canada Prize in the Social Sciences for his book Secret Service: Political Policing in… Read More »

Join alumni, colleagues, friends and associates in a fun-filled evening of laughter and remembrance honouring Greg Kealey, Provost and Vice-President (Research) from 2001 to 2012. In music, theatre and film, over dinner on the Performance Court of the magnificent Richard J. CURRIE CENTER, we will give Greg an unforgettable thank-you for his distinguished service to… Read More »

If Canada’s history suggests that it is one of the most peaceful, well ordered, uneventful countries in a troubled world, then why have Canadian governments been so fearful of enemies within? That’s the question that the University of New Brunswick’s Greg Kealey will answer at the upcoming Ideas That Matter lecture on Sept. 26. “Since… Read More »