A postdoctoral researcher in the University of New Brunswick’s department of mathematics and statistics has been awarded a major grant of over $139,000 to study the fundamental nature of time in the universe. “’What is time?’ is an ancient question that has puzzled human beings since the beginning of civilization, and remains unsolved today,” says… Read More »

Twenty-four researchers from the University of New Brunswick have won grants and scholarships from the National Science and Engineering Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Discovery grants program. NSERC Discovery grants, scholarships and fellowships are awarded to scientists, engineers and students at universities across Canada. “Through these programs, NSERC provides direct support to an exceptionally strong base of… Read More »

A research team, led by the University of New Brunswick’s Stacey Reading and Bo Miedema, has received a grant from the federal and provincial governments to continue work directed at improving the health of obese adults in New Brunswick.  Keith Ashfield, Member of Parliament for Fredericton, will make the official announcement on Aug. 19 at… Read More »