University of New Brunswick Professor Emeritus, Dr. Paul F. Williams has won the inaugural Henk Zwart Medal in structural geology for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of science in the field of rock deformation.   The award committee calls Dr. Williams an internationally acclaimed structural geologist who has tremendously influenced his subject for 45… Read More »

Satellite photos of the arid, desert surface of Mars may show signs of a creeping oasis, according to research from a team of scientists in the United States. The photos show dark, slow-moving stains of what appears to be liquid flowing down the sides of martian craters. The red planet has two domes of ice… Read More »

When Tiziana Trabucchi was a little girl growing up in Milan, Italy, her grandfather gave her an encyclopedia. The seven-year-old pored over the geology section, solidifying her awe for the sciences in a city known for the arts. “There is the sensation of living in the past in Italy,” she said, pointing to museums, opera… Read More »